Friday, August 11, 2017

How being an intern makes a difference

I have already made a few posts on what I've done with this internship but I want everyone else that reads this to know, that being an intern is helpful in all aspects. I personally am a supply chain major, I had tried to get purchasing internships but sadly, I was out of luck. I had heard from a friend about the opportunity with the Center of Digital Engagement. This was an internship open to all majors, I was apparently the only one with an SCM major, but this has helped me learn even more. It is required to take marketing classes with that major, it's quite interesting to see how the two go hand in hand. With this internship, I have been able to broaden my knowledge in marketing for my own personal use as well as use for my future career. I'm proud to have a marketing related position on my resume, to show companies that I have strong knowledge of them both, and I believe that there are companies out there that will prefer that I have a marketing background as well. Currently, I have been looking up part time positions that relate to supply chain majors, mainly purchasing. I think purchasing is supply chain's equivalent to digital marketing, the beginning steps in those fields. I have submitted my resume to a couple of places, I'm not getting my hopes up too much by imagining how it would be with the position, but I definitely have high hopes for interviews so I can share with managers or whoever is consulting the interview what I have learned and done so far and how I can be great help to the company.

How to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram

I have been running an Instagram account strictly with photos of my dog His account here :) This has been going on for about 2.5 years just for the fun of sharing photos of him. I had gone through a period of time where the account was just not gaining any followers, it would get maybe two followers but then the next day, 5 unfollowers. It really annoyed me. I then put in some thought and slight research of how to get more likes and how to keep consistent followers and gain  them. I learned that posting at particular times on certain days could help boost the likes. Another key hint I learned was that you have to be active on the account, not just posting two times a day or once a day, but you have to engage with other accounts, follow the accounts you are related to, leaving sincere comments on posts, and liking those posts. Each time I had put in this effort on the account, I saw a substantial boost in likes and subtle increase in followers. Another tip for running an Instagram is being cautious on what hashtags you use. I find it useful that when you’re beginning to type a certain tag, Instagram shows you how many tags there are under that specific word or phrase, helping you to decide whether to use it or not. I had realized that there were many tags that I was using that only had a couple thousand other tags, so it was not getting recognized. Once I started using ones that had over 100,000 other tags and multi-million tags, it greatly helped to increase as well. The final tip I have, is to consecutively keep up with the previous tips, if you start to fall short of liking and interfering with comments and likes of other accounts, you will then go through the struggle on not having many likes or followers all over again. 

Passing Google Analytics

With this internship, it was required for me to earn a Google analytics certificate, which I did. This is a tool that is very helpful if you have your own website because it helps you track the unique users, what they’re looking at, and how long they’re looking. This is helpful for increasing the numbers and changing your website so it can keep the viewer’s eyes on the pages and information that is provided on it. If you want to learn a lot more about the details behind Google Analytics, you can easily take the exam to become certified and hold a lot of knowledge, but first, you must study what you are about to test on. This site will give you four reviews to watch and interfere with, hands on, so you can have a better understanding of what Google Analytics is all about. Sometimes it may take more than one try, for me, it took two, but you will be able to pass. This is one useful certification for your own personal use and if you are a business or computer science major, this will look great on your resume.

Helpful Info for Your Future Job and Major

This past Wednesday, we had the opportunity to listen to a speaker that was talking about how to edit your resume and LinkedIn account to really stand out from the rest. She first started out by saying to make sure you are in the major you are completely interested in, or else you just will not enjoy the job. She had started off in accounting and then a few years later, changed it to HR. This has given her the ability to help us all out with constructing stronger resumes. She also highly recommended that we look in to the Meyers-Griggs test, I had previously taken it and my personality type is ISFP, also nicknamed “the artist” which fits towards me opening an Etsy account months ago, using the creativity to make items and to sell. But this personality can help in the business world, by introducing different ways to promote a business, like what was done with this internship, and finding different ways to complete a task. She was also very descriptive on how our resumes should look and what it is we should put on them to stand out for our major, such as, using the words that a company requires from a future employer in your resume to really show how this skill is used by you and how effective it was by including positive changes.  

How being an intern makes a difference

I have already made a few posts on what I've done with this internship but I want everyone else that reads this to know, that being an i...